Food lovers visiting Saudi Arabia would encounter an array of mouth-watering dishes that would tantalize their taste buds with many delectable culinary creations to choose from and here are some of the best.

Miansari66, Harees, CC0 1.0


The distinctive harees would be a dish that is popularly enjoyed by Muslims during the period of Ramadan. Consisting basically of coarse wheat and meat, harees would be a dish that is native to Saudi Arabia and which has acquired popularity across the Middle East. Apartments in Abha, Saudi Arabia to consider where you could base yourself as you try out such foods at local restaurants would be Citadines Abha.


Another highlight in Saudi Arabian cuisine would be the tasty tharid which may be described as a spicy stew of lamb; it would typically be eaten with a thick flatbread made of barley. This dish which dates to ancient times is now commonly prepared using a variety of meats as well as a selection of vegetables.


The well-known rice dish known as kabsa draws inspiration from Persian and Indian biryanis and is often regarded as Saudi Arabia’s national dish. It can be prepared using a variety of meats such as lamb, chicken, shrimp, fish or camel meat. This dish would be presented steaming hot and accompanied by salad.


A rather different kind of culinary creation would be the cookies called ma’amoul. These sweet cookies contain a variety of fruits as well as nuts such as pistachios and walnuts. Often topped with powdered sugar, ma’amoul would generally be served along with tea or coffee in Saudi Arabian households.