While Xian may be famed for its Terracotta Warriors, it’s also a great place to treat your taste buds to evocative cuisine especially at the Muslim Quarter; read on to find out more!

Xi'an Muslim Quarter
Xi’an Muslim Quarter| Img by : Qianeal via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0

Planning a Visit

Also known as Huimin Street or Muslim Street, this area is made up of several interconnecting roads. Those staying at hotels in Xi An near the Bell and Drum towers can easily access this site near Zhonggulou Square; if travelling by taxi, say “Hui Min Jie” to the driver and he or she will know where to take you!

The Setting

As you explore the Muslim Quarter, within easy reach of hotels like Grand Park Xian, you will notice it has a lively atmosphere, being popular with locals and tourists alike. There are stores here dating to the Ming and Qing dynasties, run by the Hui ethnic people, while attractions like the Grand Mosque can be found here too.

Dining Delights

Of course, the main draw is the eclectic array of food on offer that makes dining in Xian so unforgettable. Best visited at night, the area comes alive with countless stalls and restaurants; they offer all manner of savoury and sweet delights not forgetting bread, dried fruit, cakes, barbequed meats and ginormous cotton candy!

Top Dishes

Since you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dishes, making multiple visits is a good idea. Some of the favourites include yang rou pao mo (a lamb soup with flatbread), roujiamo (a bun stuffed with beef or lamb), shui jian bao (fried bao buns) and liang pi (a cold noodle dish); for dessert, try yummy mahua (fried dough twist).