The delectable dishes in Macau have been influenced by a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Macanese, and even Portuguese. If ever you’re staying at one of the Macau five-star hotels the likes of Hotel Okura Macau, make sure that you try out the local cuisine to experience its tantalising flavours.

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Egg Tarts

You can’t talk about Macau food without thinking of egg tarts, which is a highly-craved snack in the region. These were introduced to Macau by the Portuguese although they have slight British undertones and a more “custardy” flavour.

Bak Kwa

A salty-sweet, dried meat product, Bak Kwa brings out the signature flavours in Macau. It’s traditionally prepared out of pork, beef, or mutton. Even if you aren’t going to buy large stacks of this food like most Chinese people, make sure that you’d buy at least several pieces to experience the singular tastes of this region.

Pork Chop Bun

A sandwich prepared with a delectable grilled pork chop in the middle, Pork Chop Bun is a best-loved delicacy in Macau. Its unique flavour has underlying tones of soy sauce and ginger and is probably the result of the seasoning of the pork.


The most famous breakfast meal in Macau is probably a bowl of Minchi. It includes steamed rice, minced meat, a fried egg, and spices. It is a healthy food that is sold by many street vendors.