Brunching is not at all a novel concept. People in Melbourne love to hang out with their mates and brunch together talking about their busy days and lives. Here’s more on the subject.

The concept ‘brunching’

Brunching is not a new concept in the European world. This is a beautiful blend of breakfast and lunch which is normally indulged around 12 -2.00 pm. Usually, champagne or a cocktail is served along with the brunch.

What’s served at brunches?

Easter brunch in Melbourne

Easter brunch in Melbourne Image by stv1688 via needpix

Cinnamon rolls, carrot cake, French toast bread, banana pancakes, and baked oatmeal (with or without blueberries) are some great choices for brunch menus. Of course, it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you.

Best choices in Melbourne

You may choose the café at your serviced apartment in Melbourne if you are at a property such as Oaks Melbourne on William Suites. Kitty Burns, Higher Ground, Chuckle Park, and The Penny Drop are some of the other great options if you’ve been looking for any.

Special brunches to host

Easter brunch will always remain to be more special out of all other brunches. Weekend brunches are also more elegant than the rest.