Bali is one of the most popular destinations to visit in South East Asia. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the island to witness its profound natural beauty and rich cultural history. However, if you’re one of the lucky one visiting the island, don’t miss out on all the wonderful cuisine Bali has to offer – here’s some of the very best.

Sate Varieties

Sate refers toa variety of meats that have been marinated, skewered and grilled. Often times, they are served up alongside a spicy sauce that complements their flavour. Certain sate varieties even swap out the meat with fish, egg and tofu!

Nasi Variations

If you’re staying at one of the premier Bali Kuta resort or hotel establishments – such as the Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali – be sure to order yourself a hearty plate of Nasi for lunch! Nasi is Bali’s unique twist on a traditional plate of chicken rice. This plate of white rice comes with a selection of Balinese food items like roast suckling pig, spiced duck and mixed vegetables.

Babi Guling

Ask any Bali native on what their favourite Balinese dish is, and chances are they’ll say it’s Babi Guling. It is essentially a spit-roasted pig that has been stuffed with an array of spices and vegetables. This dish is often served up during ceremonies and major cultural events.


Pepes| Img by: Gunkarta via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pepes is a traditional South-East Asian tradition of cooking food by wrapping it up in banana leaves. It is commonly used to prepare fish and chicken as well as a variety of vegetables. The leaf itself adds a unique texture to the food in question and leaves it with a subtle but distinct flavour as well.