One of the perks of travelling is getting to taste colourful cuisines from diverse backgrounds and Bali’s alluring cuisine has drawn in countless devoted foodies. One of the best places to experience the magic of Balinese cuisine is at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. With excellent accommodation options, the resort in Bali Kuta offers the full range of traditional Balinese cuisine and hospitality.

There are some chief dishes that make up an essential part of Balinese food culture. Nasi Goreng is perhaps, the country’s most popular dish. Nasi Goreng is stir-fried rice mixed with a variety of spices, and usually topped with a fried egg and combined with shredded chicken, dried fish, vegetables and meat with fried crackers as a side dish. Satay is another Balinese dish that is central to its culture. Consisting of skewers of meat grilled and flavoured with spices, Satay is served with various accompaniments like rice cakes and spicy peanut sauce. Lawar is another traditional dish that consists of a mixture of grated coconut, vegetables, ground meat, spices and herbs. For those with a sweet craving, Bubuh Injin, made from black glutinous rice and served steaming hot with coconut cream or a sweet sauce of palm sugar is a perfect fix.

Balinese cuisine can be enjoyed in star-studded restaurants or breezy roadside bamboo cafes. Then there are the small ‘warungs’ that dot every street corner and considered one of the best places to experience Balinese cuisine in true local style. When eating at a local warung, tourists can ask for less spice from the seller and a good indication of where it’s good to eat is to look for eateries frequented by locals.

Traditional Balinese cuisine is a treat for every palate and as it is with every Asian dish, it features spices heavily in its cooking. So make sure you take home the famous Balinese eight spice combination home to try your hand at recreating some of Bali’s famous dishes!

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