Singapore’s Sentosa Island offers many attractions for the visitor. In order to experience these delights the visitor who desires a luxury hotel in Singapore will find an ideal accommodation in the Sheraton Towers Singapore. This attractive hotel is well-reputed for its tastefully furnished rooms and array of convenient amenities.

Sentosa Island is renowned for its array of varied dining options that will undoubtedly delight the visitor who appreciates quality dining. Enjoying a delectable meal in this distinctive island setting, overlooking the glistening ocean will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. Sentosa features more than fifty attractive dining venues which offer a diverse selection of culinary options which include everything from traditional Asian delights to outstanding European and Italian dishes. Secluded from the stresses and strains of the city Sentosa is a delightful haven where delectable cuisine and natural beauty blend to create an irresistible combination.

As you might expect there is a splendid selection of quality restaurants in Sentosa and selecting one will not be an easy task. If you desire authentic French culinary creations the place to go is Joel Robuchon Restaurant which serves up outstanding French dishes in a distinctive and luxurious setting. On the other hand diners who crave zesty Italian cuisine should try out Trapizza, a laidback diner which is renowned for its pizzas, pastas, snacks, salads and desserts. It also features excellent cocktails, beers and fruit drinks as well as offering a splendid vantage point to watch the picturesque local sunset.

For outstanding fine dining an obvious choice would be The Cliff, an excellent restaurant which features exotic and unusual treats from across the globe. However for delicious local Malaysian dishes there is nothing like the Malaysian Food Street where you will find everything from staples like rice and chicken dishes to more unusual treats like oyster omelettes and satay sticks. With so many delightful options the visitor who wishes to dine in Sentosa will be faced with a difficult choice in selecting a restaurant.

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