Maldives is known as the one of the beautiful places on earth with their beautiful sun-kissed golden beaches, dazzling blue waters, breathtaking coral reefs and many more beautiful scenic places. Maldives has a large number of villas, boutique hotels and many more places where people from all over the world come over to stay and enjoy this beautiful island. The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa is among one of the best Maldivian Luxury Resorts. One can relax and enjoy the luxury and the comfortable lifestyle of this unique luxury resort with its elegance and class. One can connect with their inner peace and keep up with the pace of the island. The Resort has a variety of restaurants that offer a wide variety of options for dining. There are restaurants which offer international buffets and informal dining, which are casual outdoor dining right next to the beach. Guests can enjoy live cooking stations, under the beautiful star-lit skies, where the chefs prepare customized meals .This hotel is also one of the best places to enjoy authentic Maldivian Food.

Local Maldivian cuisine is quite unique and mainly consist of fish. All are fresh produce. The main fish varieties are skipjack tuna, either dried or fresh. These can be either eaten boiled or fresh. Processed tuna is used as pieces or as shavings mainly. The dry processed tuna is mainly used to make short eats called gulha and baiya. They don’t normally eat raw fish. The tuna-based thick brown paste is an essential item in authentic Maldivian cuisine. The main starchy items in their food, is ice which is eaten with boiled or ground into flour. Main fruits in their diet include, breadfruit. Breadfruits are eaten boiled. The curry is known as Marisha, and is mainly cooked with dried fresh tuna. The vegetable curries include murunga and green unripe bananaas. The curries are normally eaten with either roshi or with steamed rice. Pieces of Maldivian fish are also added to the vegetable curries to attain a particular flavor.

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