Pune in India may be known for its IT parks and being an educational hub, but it’s also an ideal destination for culinary adventures too and these are some of its most popular dishes.

Sabudana Khichdi
Sabudana Khichdi | Image by VD Photography on Unsplash


If you’re ready to take a break from your diet, try the hot and spicy samosas in Pune! These little snacks are light, crispy and super addictive and readily available at eateries within easy reach of properties like Oakwood Residence Naylor Road Pune. Not only are they perfect for snacking on the go, but they’re also great for sharing with your friends over a hot cup of chai (tea).


Bakarwadi is a deep-fried and spicy savoury creation that you can find at almost every corner shop close to some of the best apartments in Pune. Shaped like a disk, it features a wonderful combination of ingredients including sesame seeds, dried coconut, cumin powder, poppy seeds and a bit of chilli. To enjoy this dish, head to one of the city’s many branches of Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale.


Don’t forget to savour the dal (lentil) curry of Maharashtra called amti made with pigeon pea or tuvar. What makes Pune’s amti different is a mix of spices called goda masala which takes it to a whole new level of flavour; the combination of finely shredded dried coconut, poppy seeds, red dried chillies and stone flower or dagadiphool makes for a truly divine treat.

Sabudana Khichdi

This sticky and glutinous dish can be found at roadside eateries and is bound to become one of your favourites. Sabudana khichadi is made using sabudana which you may know as tapioca pearls and is topped with crushed roasted peanuts and garnished with a wedge of lemon. While it may be simple, it will have your taste buds in raptures of delight!