Sri Lanka is a perfect travel destination for vegans because most of the food in Sri Lanka is plant-based without compromising on taste.

Everyday meals

Pol roti, string hoppers, and plain hoppers are the most common food items that you will come across for breakfast and dinner. As long as the curry you pair with these is a vegetarian dish, you are good to enjoy these delights.

Rice and curry

You can find out how common a plate of rice and curry is in Sri Lanka from any blog or website such as Truly Sri Lanka. This is a Sri Lankan staple, and some locals even have it for all three meals. One can easily request the vegan option and pick and choose the curries.

Street food

Street Foods
Street Foods – Photo by Filiz Elaerts on Unsplash

Things to do in Sri Lanka will always include trying out street food and you can still enjoy some of the best street food dishes in the country as a vegan because you can enjoy rolls, parippu wade and patties made with plant-based fillings.

Hidden ingredients

There are two ingredients you need to check on when you are eating vegetarian food in the country, as Sri Lankan use Maldives fish in most dishes and sometimes use Ghee oil to cook the meals.