The Mozambique food scene is predominantly made out of fresh fish and plenty of vegetables. Influenced by the Arab and Portuguese significantly, there is so much delicious food available and these are some of them; make sure you try them on your next visit.


At the core of Mozambican cuisine is xima, which is pronounced Shima. You can find this widely throughout Africa, usually made using corn. Its mild flavour and colour make it the perfect companion for all the flavourful meat and vegetable curries. You can try a bite at any Bazaruto restaurant.

Piri Piri

Famous Mozambican Piri-Piri is a chilli sauce and marinade used in cooking and as a regular table condiment. It should come as no surprise that this sauce, which is often made out of garlic, onions, and oil, as well as actual Piri Piri chillies, is famous all over the world. There are so many varieties of this that most resorts and restaurants such as Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort will likely serve at least two different types.

Ossewa, Piri piri sauce in Mozambique, CC BY-SA 4.0

Fresh Bread

Another essential part of Mozambican cuisine is bread, and most villages have a small neighbourhood bakery where residents may purchase daily fresh bread. The traditional roll here is fluffy on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside (much like a Vietnamese baguette); it is usually eaten warm, with butter.


This bean stew is made with beef, pig, or both. It is cooked until it’s creamy and smooth, usually layered with tomatoes and onions. Typically, chouriço sausage, ham hock and occasionally trotters, and tripe (also known as dobrada) are added in for flavour. These ingredients give it a strong meaty flavour and richness after the fat and gelatine have been rendered.