Vegan visitors may get dismayed to find that when dining in Bangkok, most of the street-food has some sort of affiliation with meat. What you should also know is that places that prepare vegan cuisines do exist. If you are staying at a hotel such as the Chatrium Residence Riverside Bangkok, you will definitely find a few vegan/ vegetarian dishes in one of their restaurants to satisfy you.

Pad Thai

Also known as stir-fried noodles, pad thai is served at most restaurants as a part of their cuisine. It is a popular street food as well. Although it usually includes shrimp or chicken, this dish is just as scrumptious without them. The vegan ingredients are sautéed in a wok to create an even distribution of heat. Later on, it is tossed in pad thai sauce, which gives its distinctive salty and sweet flavours.

Pak Boong

Pak Boong is one of Thailand’s most popular dishes. One of its ingredients is a type of a flower called Ipomoea Aquatica, more commonly known as water morning glory. Although containing only a few ingredients, this dish is considered super-healthy and lets the eater experience several flavours at the same time.

Takeaway, Pak boong fai daeng, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pad Phak

Also known as stir-fried vegetables to tourists around the world, it can be an assortment of vegetables which are cooked together, chosen according to one’s preferences. Its distinctive flavour is brought out by the excellent spices used by the local chefs.

Som Tum

Quite famous as a papaya salad, this is one of the top favourites among the Thai-food lovers; vegan or not! It is a heavenly blend of green papaya, tomatoes, and peanuts. Its taste is intensified by adding sugar, lime, garlic, and tamarind juice.