The Maldivian cuisine is something that’s always centered around seafood, especially fish- and tourists who travel to this tropical destination often enjoy tasting its seafood cooked and fried in multiple unknown ways. grant is why they have now arranged private cooking classes exclusively for tourists.

Madives Cuisine
Best Cuisine in Maldives

It’s a group activity
Those who fall in love with Maldives dining can take this extra mile- which is going to be definitely interesting. There is a host for you who will guide you through this entire cooking experience, and you can form small groups of 4 and face the sessions.

What you’ve got to do?
You can be staying at properties the likes of Adaaran Club Rannalhi or any other resort, and you can still partake in this activity. The host will meet you at one meeting point and then it’s a matter of going to the local markets with him and preparing meals together- under all due guidance.

It’s always Islam oriented
You will be able to listen to short lectures about Islam and its philosophy in between and it will be a novel experience for you. While you cook the food, and even while you eat them, the lectures will happen- mainly by the host.

It’s an authentic experience
The authenticity that this experience grants is actually 100%. You get to cook the dishes as a locale and then enjoy them with local families together, as if you were a member of their own, at least for one day in your life.