Fried Rice ,Chinese Cuisine
Fried Rice | Photo via Maxpixel Creative Commons Zero – CC0.



Chinese food has taken the world by storm, and regardless of which country you’re staying in, you’re guaranteed to find a Chinese restaurant somewhere close by. It is a little harder however to find authentic Chinese food nowadays since the cuisine is generally morphed into a more localised versions when it comes to various restaurants outside of China, such as a Chinese restaurant in Johor Bahru. In some establishments such as the Berjaya Waterfront Hotel you would be able to find more authentic Chinese food.

Given the massive scale of the country, there’s a wide range of cuisine associated with it, with various provinces having their own differing styles of food. There are however, certain delicacies that are popular all over China, and these are definitely ones to keep an eye out for.

Sweet and sour pork is one of the most popular and iconic of Chinese dishes, and you can now find multiple variations of this renowned delicacy featuring meat such as chicken, beef and even pork ribs.

One cannot simply visit China without trying out their dumplings, a concept that is now famous throughout the world. They are considered as one of the most traditional of foods since they were invented almost two thousand years ago. A generic dumpling involves minced meat and vegetables that have been wrapped in a thin package of dough before being boiled. Usually one side is lightly fried, and occasionally, you can order your dumplings deep fried.

Chow Mein is a renowned favourite when it comes to cuisine from the Far East, and is simple yet exquisite. Made with noodles stir fried with meat or seafood, onions and celery to create an iconic fast-food of sorts.

To truly discover the beauty of Chinese food, you have to seek out authentic versions of dishes that have been modified to cater to countless palettes. There’s sure to be an authentic Chinese restaurant somewhere close to you.


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