Guangzhou it is a melting pot of culture and tradition from all of china. Due to this reason, the city features a vibrant food culture which treats its guests with an array of decadent food.


Dim Sum

Dim sum is a popular dish that can be found in almost all the restaurants around Guangzhou. It is bite sized dumplings served in steamer baskets. The filling usually includes sautéed vegetables and a variety of meat items including chicken, beef, pork and even seafood.

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Kao Ru Zhu

This succulent and delicious dish is basically a roasted whole suckling pig with a crunchy and crispy outside and a mist and juicy inside. It is certainly one of the most priced offerings of Guangzhou and a delicacy that has been around the cookbooks for approximately 1400 years.

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Yum Cha

Yum Cha is the Chinese version of morning tea, . It is believed that Yum Cha has nutrients and substances in it which has many health benefits. Consuming this has an important part in the culture of Guangzhou and it is a pleasant past time for the people of Guangzhou. You can savour a cup of traditional Yum Cha at restaurants near popular places and accommodation options such as Somerset Riviera Guangzhou which is a Guangzhou serviced Apartment.

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Egg Tarts

Egg tarts are the go-to deserts if you have a craving for sweets. You can find these delicious desserts at almost all the “Chai” stalls which are mini eateries that serve light deserts and tea. Egg tarts in Guangzhou Kong have a crispier crust while having a sweet and soft custardy filling on the inside.

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