A quintessential part of visiting China is to sample its diverse dishes which can vary from region to region and city to city. Here are a few of them well worth savouring on your adventures.

Image credit- Pixabay,frankzhang0711,CC0

Seafood Hot Pot

In cities like Shenzhen, don’t miss trying this dish which has an array of soup bases to choose from with the satay soup base being a popular choice. When based at properties such as Somerset Grandview Shenzhen, plan a foodie tour to restaurants that offer seafood hot pot; part of the joy of this meal is sitting with others around a big pot with boiling soup as you choose ingredients to add like shrimps, oysters and fish.

Cantonese Dim Sum

Be it on a trip to Beijing or when enjoying accommodation in Shenzhen China, ensure you sample authentic Cantonese dim sum. A perennial local favourite, these bite-sized morsels are served in small steamer baskets or bowls generally for breakfast or lunch. Varieties include shrimp dumplings and steamed pork dumplings, while dim sum is traditionally accompanied by tea as well.

Red Braised Pork

When dining in China, you will find that pork dishes regularly feature on the menus. One such foodie favourite is red braised pork with different variations; for example, it’s sweeter in Shanghai and spicier in the Hunan province. It typically includes two layers of lean meat and three fatty layers that are deep-fried before being boiled in rock sugar, soy sauce and yellow liquor; abalone sauce is later added too.

Mapo Tofu

A well-known traditional dish in the Sichuan Province, mapo tofu is also worth ordering. Bean curd constitutes the main ingredient here though to it, minced beef or other meat varieties, garlic sprouts, Sichuan pepper, soy sauce and chilli powder are added too. Offering the perfect flavour combination, this red and hot broth has a spicy kick to it.