The Maldives is not only a great place for relaxation, but culinary adventures too and here are some of the best dishes you can try.

Image credit- Satdeep Gill, Maldivian dish – Kandu Kulkulhu 16, CC BY-SA 4.0

Mas Huni

An all-time favourite especially as a breakfast dish, mas huni is simple yet delicious. Its key ingredient is shredded tuna which is well-mixed with grated coconuts, onions, chilli and lime or lemon; some variations also include muranga (drumstick) pods or pumpkin. It’s usually eaten with a flatbread called roshi and hot tea.


Be it at a Maldives restaurant or home, curries are popular too; these include “kandu kukulhu”, a mouth-watering tuna curry and “kukulhu riha” made with a chicken. You also get curries made from various vegetables like mango, eggplant and beans. Check what kind of curries or other local dishes you can try when at resorts like The Nautilus Maldives.


Gulha can be described as a deep-fried pastry ball that is often sold at local island cafes and eateries. What makes it so yummy is the stuffing that goes inside which usually consists of fresh tuna, chilli, grated coconut and onion; some chefs will also add curry leaves, lime juice and turmeric which enhance the flavour.

Kiru Boakibaa

A type of traditional milk cake, kiru boakibaa makes for a sublime dessert. Typically, ground rice is used, though some prefer cornflour instead; added to this is coconut milk and for extra flavouring jasmine water, rosewater or cardamom that lend to its distinctive taste. The result is a yummy cake that you are bound to want a second serving of!