Mirissa is a picturesque coastal town situated in the south of Sri Lanka. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, famous for its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a wide range of seafood restaurants. The town is a perfect destination for those who are seeking a unique dining experience.

curry with rice and seafood
curry with rice and seafood | Image by Saveurs Secretes
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Traditional Sri Lankan Cuisine

Mirissa is home to some of the best traditional Sri Lankan restaurants on the island. These Mirissa restaurants serve a range of authentic dishes, from rice and curry to hoppers, kottu, and seafood dishes. One of the best Sri Lankan restaurants in Mirissa is Zephyr Restaurant & Bar. This restaurant offers a range of traditional Sri Lankan dishes, including seafood, meat, and vegetarian options. The restaurant is also known for its stunning ocean views.

Top-rated Seafood Restaurants

Mirissa is a seafood lover’s paradise. The town is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood. There are many seafood restaurants in Mirissa, but some of the top-rated ones include The Palm, Cantina Mirissa, and also the ones offered by the likes of Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa.

Fusion Cuisine Hotspots

If you are looking for something different, Mirissa has a range of fusion cuisine hotspots that combine different flavours and culinary traditions. One of the best fusion restaurants in Mirissa is Drunken Monkey. This restaurant offers a range of dishes that combine Thai, Indian, and Sri Lankan flavours.


Mirissa is a food lover’s paradise. Whether you are looking for traditional Sri Lankan cuisine or something more experimental, Mirissa has something for everyone. From top-rated seafood restaurants to fusion cuisine hotspots, the town offers a range of dining experiences that are sure to leave you satisfied.