The diverse cuisines of Asia would offer a selection of delectable dishes for the visitor to the continent, including not-to-be-missed treats from the countries mentioned below.

 Thai cuisine

The mouth-watering cuisine of Thailand has many foodie fans around the world. This country happens to be particularly renowned for its delicious and inexpensive street foods. Here, you could savour delights like the well-known pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles), kaeng lueang (yellow curry), tom yum goong (hot and sour shrimp soup), and so on.

Image by Huahom from Pixabay

 Sri Lankan cuisine

The delightful cuisine of the island nation of Sri Lanka would undoubtedly capture the imagination of the food lover too. Sri Lankan cuisine would include several highlights such as a variety of curries, lamprais (rice and meat in a banana leaf), fresh seafood and so on. You could enjoy authentic local curries and more at Avani restaurants within the appealingly located properties of Avani Hotels & Resorts in Sri Lanka.

 Cambodian cuisine

Another form of Asian cooking to try out would be Cambodian cuisine. You will find that Cambodian cuisine typically features simple, uncomplicated and wholesome dishes. You may savour specialities like lap Khmer (a marinated beef salad), bai sach chrouk (a dish of rice and pork) and bobor (a savoury rice porridge).

 Chinese cuisine

Naturally, your experience of the cuisine of Asia would be incomplete without savouring Chinese cuisine. In the different regions of this vast nation and cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Yunnan, you will find an array of varied and delectable dishes to try. These include everything from dumplings and Peking duck to hot pot and sweet and sour pork.