Being the capital city of Malaysia and a popular travel destination, Kuala Lumpur offers its visitors plenty to see and explore. But what do you plan on doing if you get hungry when you are out and about exploring during early afternoon hours? Fret not we got you covered! Here is a list of decadent meals that you could have for brunch and where you could enjoy them in KL.

Banana and chocolate waffles

Even reading the name makes your mouth water? doesn’t it? The banana and chocolate waffles at the Prep Room are one of the best comfort food you could have in KL! It easily fills you up for the journey and it will indeed put a smile on your face. This delight food dessert meal comes with delicious and fresh waffles with caramelised banana and chocolate it is served topped with double whipped cream!

Pork noodles

Pork noodles
Pork noodles| Img by: MNXANL via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Much on some chewy and delightful bowl of noodles which would have generous quantities of sliced pork, minced meat, intestine and liver! You could find this dish served always hot at Ooi Noodles for just 8 RM!

French toast

Craving for something sweet and savoury? Head out to Frission restaurant and order their signature french toast! The toast you get to have here is freshly made brioche slices that are dipped in generous amounts of vanilla custard and stacked with chicken bacon or beef. The toast also gets mildly slathered with peanut butter!

Chrispy Fried chicken and pancakes

Being one of the ideal ways to quench early after not hunger pangs when you are shopping in Bukit Bintang is to head out to the Botanica+Co restaurant and savour their exquisite Chrispy fried chicken and pancakes. What you could expect with this dish is three large and appetizing buttermilk pancakes complemented by generous amounts of chicken fillets which will be served with chilli jam on the side. The restaurant is also located near popular accommodation options the likes of The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel and you could visit here any time to sample more of their amazing food items!