The use of ‘Maldives fish’ has been in practice for generations and has graced the cuisine of the Maldives to uplift the deliciousness of each dish.

What is it?

dried fish
KritzolinaDried fish in Chittagong 03CC BY-SA 4.0

It is a product that is essentially dried fish that is made using skipjack tuna. However, this can be used from a variety of other fish as well! This is popular in any Maldives restaurant and even the Varu by Atmosphere.

How is it prepped?

The fish is first washed, its head is removed and then the guts are removed before it is boiled in saltwater. This fish will then be smoked and sundried.

What does it taste like?

Maldives fish will tend to have a strong smell to it due the natural fungi that develops. It is also an ingredient that brings in a strong flavour to a dish.

How is it used?

For many people, the item is purchased in a chipped form so that it is easier to use when cooking. The dried fish will enhance flavour or act as a thickening agent.