The cuisine of Thailand would feature several tantalizing dishes to try out; irrespective of your individual preferences, you are likely to find that these Thai dishes will take your fancy.

 Pad Thai

A great choice with which to commence your experience of Thai foods would be the well-known pad Thai. This happens to be a stir-fried dish of rice noodles that would typically feature chicken, tofu, shrimp, scrambled egg, peanuts and bean sprouts in addition to other vegetables for a distinctive taste.

 Massaman curry

The delicious massaman curry which is of Muslim origin would be one of the most mouth-watering curries you would find when sampling Thai cuisine. Massaman curry would usually feature chicken, duck, beef, goat or mutton. A hotel in Khon Kaen to consider where you could base yourself as you try out authentic Thai foods would be Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre.

 Sai oua

Another tasty Thai speciality would be sai oua, a distinctive grilled pork sausage that is often enjoyed in the northern region of the country. This delectable dish is made using minced pork, spices, herbs and a special red curry paste. Sai oua would typically be consumed as a snack, appetizer or accompanied with rice.

Takeaway, Sai ua CR, CC BY-SA 3.0

Mango sticky rice

One of the most popular desserts in Thailand would be mango sticky rice which is much-loved by locals as well as visitors from abroad. To make this sweet treat, coconut milk would be combined with palm sugar and salt, heated and immersed in the sticky rice; this would then be served with slices of ripe mango.