Teppanyaki is one of the most popular forms of Japanese cuisine around the world. A teppanyaki meal not only provides delicious food, but also a form of culinary entertainment that has captivated diners for decades.


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What exactly is Teppanyaki?


Teppanyaki is a style of cooking in Japan where thinly sliced cuts of meat or vegetables are grilled on an iron plate in front of diners. The name itself refers to the way the food is prepared – “teppan” means iron plate, while “yaki” means grilled.


The history behind Teppanyaki


Traditionally, many Japanese dishes have been cooked on griddles for years, but the first contemporary teppanyaki restaurant started around 1945. The combined both Asian and western cuisine which was more popular among tourists than local diners.


Modern Teppanyaki dining


The teppanyaki table is designed to seat a large group, with diners facing a central workstation that includes a hot, open grill. Diners can order individual dishes from the menu and watch the chef as he prepares it. Common dishes include chicken, beef, and prawns with a variety of vegetables.


The entertainment factor


In order to be more appealing to tourist, the performance aspect was given more focus over the years. Now, the entertainment factor is as important as the food. Speciality chefs, trained to perform “tricks” while cooking teppanyaki are in big demand. Big teppanyaki restaurants like Benihana Thailand have the best chefs to delight diners throughout their meal.

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