The last kingdom of Sri Lanka’s royal history, Kandy is famous for its range of dishes and drinks that are inspired by multi-cultural twists.

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Due to its rich, fertile grounds, it is not much of a surprise that Kandy has easy access to the freshest and the most nutritious ingredients around. The dishes you’d eat in Kandy are often wholesome and delicious.

Stop by a Local Eatery

During your stay in Kandy, stop by a local eatery and choose out of a range of vegan dishes. These are the staples of the city’s Sinhala community. These dishes are inspired by Kandy’s culinary heritage.

Try out Tamil Cuisine

Visit a nearby restaurant to relish flavoursome dishes that belong to the country’s Hindu population. These dishes are greatly loved by many, regardless of their ethnicity.

Check out the Street Food Scene

Back on the road, try out various delectable from the street side food carts. These include everything from cassava chips to short eats, pickles, and more! One can also look forward to treating their taste buds with some of these delicious foods made of the freshest of ingredients at one of the best restaurants in Kandy offered by properties the likes of Earl’s Regency Kandy.