Maldivian cuisine, just like the island nation and its people, the food of the island nation is unique in every way. A visit to this archipelago will let you taste the diverse flavours of their delicacies, sending you on a gastronomical journey like no other. Here are some of our top Maldivian cuisine options that are mandatory on your menu.

Garudhiya Boa
Garudhiya Boa | Image by Two Dead Fish via flickr


Planning to spend a vacation at OBLU Nature Helengeli? Snack on some delicious Gulha while taking a stroll outside your lodging during the evening hours of the day. Gulha is a round shaped deep fried Maldivian delicacy with a filling of tuna, coconut, onion and pepper, ideal for tea time; in fact, it pairs well with either tea or coffee, therefore, is the ideal evening snack.


Garudhiya is a mandatory delicacy for Maldives resort dining. It is a fish soup that we believe will be loved by those who appreciate the flavours of miso and dashi. Prepared with tuna fish cubes and spices, this traditional preparation is a winter favourite in the Maldives and will suit well for travellers who appreciate fresh seafood flavours.


The Maldivians know how to savour every moment of their evening tea hour. Kavaabu is yet another Maldivian delicacy that can be enjoyed with a steaming cup of tea. While the outer shell is crispy, the inside of Kavaabu is soft and is filled with smoked tuna fish, curry leaves, grated coconut and unique Asian spices that tingle your taste buds.

Handulu Bondibai

Here’s a sweet dessert to compliment your main meals in the Maldives. While it is popular as a favourite dessert in the region, the base ingredient is rice. Handulu Bondibai is prepared using coconut milk, rice, sugar, cardamom, pandan leaves and rose water. This sticky rice pudding is ideally served on special occasions.