If you are a die-hard foodie that loves food expeditions, Doha will surely be a paradise for you and your taste buds. The food you find there can be a mix of cuisines from several cultures, but each of them will have a Doha touch in them.

The traditional food types

Even the 5-star hotels in Doha give priority to Doha’s traditional foods in their buffets. This is why you won’t miss the famous Arabic dishes such as Machboos, Halwa and Simit wherever you dine at in Doha.

The food at Souq Waqif

During your stay at hotels such as Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli, the traditional market of Souq Waqif is one place that you will never miss visiting, and you find good dining spots here too. The market is flushed with spice shops and restaurants of different types, and choosing the best is up to you and your instincts.

Tasting the Indian Food

Doha has several Indian restaurants where you can taste different varieties of aloo tikkis and samosas. Most Indian restaurants also serve you with spicy curries that you’ll always love because once in a while, your taste buds need a change too.

The healthier food

In Doha, you will also come across small shops from where you can buy healthy goodies such as homemade probiotic kimchi and packages of began cheese. You can try these as well if you are on the healthy side.