Exploring everything about the island paradise- the Maldives does also include going through its cuisines. Almost all the dishes you find here are made of Tuna, and there are also some more interesting dishes with different ingredients.

Image by: pxfuel | CC0 1.0

Garudhiya – it’s soup!

There are many all-inclusive resorts in Maldives that you may pick for your accommodation needs and all of them serve their guests with traditional meals too. Garudhiya is one such simple fragrant fish soup- cooked using fish, water, and salt.

Mas Huni- it’s Tuna again

If you dine at the restaurant located at Kurumba Maldives, this is one mandatory breakfast dish that you will find. Mas Huni basically means shredded smoked Tuna and often eaten with chapati bread.

Bis Keemiya – take it as a snack

Tourists find this snack a little familiar because it’s more like a samosa or spring roll. The pastry is filled with tuna mixed with sliced onions and cabbage.

Saagu Bondibai- it’s a dessert

Call it a pudding if you may, but this dessert will be loved for sure. If you are a vegetarian, this dessert is a must-try for you. As cardamom and rose essences are added to this dessert, the fragrance of spices will make you love the dish all the more!