Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods”, so it stands to reason its cuisine is nothing short of divine! While it’s part of Indonesia, the food here is distinctive and these are some insights worth knowing.

Gunawan Kartapranata, Nasi Campur Bali Sate Lilit, CC BY-SA 3.0

 Diverse Influences

Food in Bali is an eclectic mix of various influences which over time have helped create a truly unique cuisine quite different to other parts of the country and even nearby islands like Lombok or Java. Thus, be you dining at Seminyak eateries or Uluwatu restaurants you will come across dishes which blend traditional Indonesian flavours with influences from Chinese, Indian, and European cultures.

 Hands-on Discoveries

A great way to truly enjoy an authentic Balinese culinary experience is to sign up for a hands-on cooking class when on the island, like the one on offer at Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort. It will include visiting a local market to procure fresh produce and herbs before returning for a step-by-step demonstration to make well-known local delicacies; these include seafood and lemongrass satay that you can enjoy for lunch!

 Local Dining

Of course, you can also look forward to enjoying yummy Balinese dishes here not just at well-established restaurants. Don’t miss trying what’s on offer at “Warungs” which are usually family-owned eateries that serve a variety of traditional Balinese and Indonesian dishes. The food is authentic, affordable, and typically quite delicious. Street food stalls and markets are also great options for trying a variety of food.

 Popular Dishes

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to what dishes to try, though there are some that stand out. A perennial local favourite is Babi Guling which is the name for roasted suckling pig commonly found in traditional warungs; you also get Nasi Campur (a rice dish with veggies and meats), Sate Lilit (meat or seafood mixed with herbs and spices, grilled on a skewer) and Bebek Garang Asem (a duck dish).