Jakub Hałun, 20090726 Birds on stick Shanghai Qibao Imgp1996, CC BY-SA 3.0


China has an age old and rich food culture which is ranked among the greatest in the world. Different regions have their own cuisines and Shanghai on the Yangtze River Delta is now famed for its cuisine. Originally, being a relatively new city Shanghai did not have a cuisine of its own but drew from cuisines of other regions like Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Over time, Shanghai people have developed a cuisine of its own and it is ranked among major Chinese Cuisines. Apart from delectable cuisines, Shanghai offers many attractions and visitors flock to the city! For them a good accommodation option is a service apartment in Shanghai and for those wishing to have an elegant apartment with all modern conveniences Citadines Biyun Shanghai would serve well.


An essential component of Shanghai cuisine are rich and thick sauces made with soy sauce and sugar. Alcohol is commonly used for cooking chicken, beef and fish while in red cooking vegetables and meats are cooked with soy sauce, bean paste, caramelized sugar and spices.

Among popular Shanghai dishes are Beggar’s Chicken and Da Zha Xiao. The former is chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and baked in a dough pastry. The latter is made of a special river crab (Da Zha Xie ) tied with rope or string and steamed and served in bamboo containers. Very few other ingredients are used but it is very tasty. Locals are particular as to the times of eating male and female crabs. Smoked Fish Slices are fresh fish slices marinated and spiced to taste like smoked fish and Xiao Long Bao (Little Dragon Buns) are easy to swallow, thin skinned buns steamed in bamboo containers and is popular all over China as a Dim Sum. Shanghai Pepper Duck is steamed whole or half a duck. The duck is steamed until tender with ginger, scallions and Szechwan peppers and lightly fried. Chou Do Fu (Stinky or Smelly Tofu) is a dish where the tofu is marinated with many ingredients before being fried. This is a very popular local street dish in spite of being malodorous.


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