George Calombaris Shows off His Culinary Expertise in the Paradise Isle


In Australia, George Calombaris is a household name. This chef extraordinaire has become a renowned name in the continent nation by being the esteemed judge of Masterchef Australia, winner of several titles such as the ‘Chef of the Year’ (2008), and being placed among the Top 100 Most Influential People of Melbourne. Chef Calombaris is also renowned due to his sensational chain of 10 restaurants which includes The Press Club, which was awarded The Age Good Food Guide’s “Best New Restaurant 2008″. His fame and talent have spread internationally and he is also a well-known name in Sri Lanka. So just imagine the excitement it caused when he joined hands together with Cinnamon Life, a leading name in lifestyle mixed development; for a mind-blowing tour in Sri Lanka!


As part of his tour in the country, Chef Calombaris visited a number of attractions with Cinnamon Air, a premier service provider of air taxi in Sri Lanka. Some of the attractions he visited include Sigiriya, a magnificent 5th Century fortress.


MasterChef Australia legend George Calombaris
MasterChef Australia legend George Calombaris | Image Credit: Sagara Lakmal


During his visit to the country from the 8th to the 11th of June, Chef Calombaris also hosted a set of spectacular culinary events ranging from two curated Greek dinners to a High Tea and a Masterclass conducted for cooking enthusiasts. Chef Calombaris who is acclaimed for his work together with Bowel Cancer Australia to promote healthy eating; took part in a charity event organized by Cinnamon Life. At this event, the chef was ‘auctioned’ off for charity to those who bid the highest. The winners got to enjoy an exclusive lunch with the superstar chef while the profits of the auction were donated to ‘Trail’, a special project that is dedicated to fighting against cancer.