Tipped to be a foodie’s dream destination, Doha is a paradise for those with a passion for Arabic cuisine. Here are some of the delightful delicacies you can savor during a trip to the city.


Chicken Machboos served in Doha restaurant| Image via flickr

As a well-loved staple, Machboos is the perfect introductory meal for those who are unfamiliar with Arabic cuisine as it is made using key elements in the culinary canon. Meat or seafood is added to this rice dish that’s also drizzled with lemon juice and rose water. Served alongside a salsa that’s spicy, one of the best restaurants to order this traditional meal is Opus in Downtown Doha.


Cheese lovers based at Al Najada Doha Hotel Apartments by Oaks or any similar hotel apartments in Doha that are counted among its best rests should order this popular dessert. Featured on the menus of the best restaurants in Doha, this delicious dessert is made using semolina dough or a Filo pastry, which is soaked in sweet, flavored syrup and contains several layers of cheese. Nuts and clotted cream are other ingredients that are infused into this dish by local chefs.


Soup and stew fans will not find a finer alternative than Saloona on a food tour of Doha or any other city in Qatar. The spicy and delectable stew is sometimes consumed as a meal or as a side dish that pairs well with steamed rice. Made using a host of vegetables and a meat item, the tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and carrots add texture and flavor to this wholesome meal.


This crispy deep-fried snack is a pastry with a cheese, veggie and meat filling that’s usually eaten during tea time.