Although Singapore might be a small country, it is definitely one of the biggest in the food scene. Culinary delights from all over the world using all sorts of ingredients can be found here. Below are a few you can try if you dare and perhaps be rewarded!

Basile MorinSkyline of the Central Business District of Singapore with Esplanade Bridge in the eveningCC BY-SA 4.0

Bah kut the
This dish is a simple one that is believed to have originated with the Hokkien Chinese immigrants a long long time ago. It is also highly mythologized. Read up on the stories while you enjoy a bowl of meat bone tea.

Sambal stingray
Stingray used to be regarded as a meal that the poor ate because it didn’t taste all that good. But a local Malay came up with a revelation and it is now called barbecue seafood! You can either find it on the streets or at restaurants by hotels like PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay.

Mud crab

Taste this at your luxury hotel in Singapore and it’ll keep you wondering if what you ate was chilli or pepper. You’ll definitely want more of this dish once you’ve got a taste of it.

Hainanese chicken rice

The rice is boiled in a rich warm pork and chicken broth and served with scrumptious chicken and sauce to keep your taste buds delighted all the way.