• Chicken thigh 150g
  • Dried Chilli 50g
  • Peppercorn 5g
  • Garlic 10g
  • Ginger 5g
  • Green onion 10g
  • Sesame oil 3g
  • Chinese rice win 5g
  • Chicken powder 5g
  • Dark soy sauce 20g
  • Cornstarch, a small amount


Steps for preparation

  1. Chop up dried chilli and chicken thigh in approximately 1cm length. Dice garlic and ginger, and cut onion into sections.
  2. Use salt, Chinese rice wine and a small amount of cornstarch to marinate the chicken.
  3. Heat a pan with oil to about 200 degree Celsius, before adding the marinated chicken to deep-fry till golden brown. Remove from pan thereafter.
  4. Place a suitable amount of dark soya sauce, before adding in dried chilli and peppercorn to fry till fragrant. Next, add in the deep-fried chicken.
  5. Fry till fragrant, and add in seasoning. Thereafter, place on a plate and add sesame seed. Serve hot


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