If you’re really into cheese and love tasting the different kinds all around the globe, a visit to Hunter Valley is crucial. With many cheese tasting tours available for you, here are some tips to really indulge in the cheese tasting expedition.


Hunter Valley is a paradise for lovers of wine and cheese. With many boutiques selling world-famous sparkling wine and mouth-watering cheese, what more do you want?

Types of Cheese

Cheese | Image via wiki media commons

First and foremost, you need to be well versed in the types of cheese available at Hunter Valley. The different types of cheese are hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, washed rind, and blue cheese. Of course, under each of these main categories, there are several varieties of cheese such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Emmental, Limburger, Red Wax Gouda, and many more. Before you head out on your cheese tour, take some time off and indulge in one of the many hunter valley spa packages available at the likes of Elysia Wellness Retreat.

Five cornerstones

There are five cornerstones when it comes to cheese tasting, and they are look, smell, feel, taste, and pair. Before you taste any of the cheese, you need to take in the beauty of it. After that is done, you need to take a good sniff of the cheese to really smell the elements present within the cheese. Once you feel the texture of the cheese, the tasting begins! Finally, you need to have some basic and foundational knowledge of pairing cheese. This is what makes or breaks your cheese experience!

The cheese shops

The most popular in the area would be Hunter Valley Cheese Factory, and it is family owned and run. Some other options are the Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop, Hunter Belle Cheese Room, and Binnorie Dairy.