What would a holiday in a completely foreign country mean without a taste of its original cuisine? For those planning to visit the Maldives, you’ve got to treat your palate to some amazing local delights. Here’s a guide on the basic ingredients used in the preparation of these fantastic dishes.

Image credit- Satdeep Gill , Maldivian dish – Kandu Kulkulhu 15 , CC BY-SA 4.0


Coconuts are also called Kurumba in the local language. Kurumba trees are abundant in this archipelago and therefore, it is not hard to see why this ingredient is the highlight of many dishes here. You’ll find coconut shavings in almost every dish in the Maldives. If you are staying at Reethi Faru Resort, you could even order up a Kurumba drink to cool off.

Seafood Dishes

It comes as no surprise that seafood is a big part of Maldivian cuisine. The main ingredient when it comes to seafood would be tuna…yes, all kinds of tuna are used to prepare fish salads, soups and filling for pastries that you could enjoy at any overwater restaurant in Maldives.

Starches & Curries

Starches are a staple on these islands. Screwpine, breadfruit and sweet potato are often boiled and eaten with fish salad or seasoned and fried for a snack.

Popular dishes to try

Try some Garudhiya, a local fish soup or Kulhi Boakiba which are fish cakes made for special occasions. Don’t forget to try Handulu Bondibai which is sweet and refreshing to the palate.