While most foodies would focus on the “food” in a city they would visit, today we would like to share some delightful drinks designed to leave you drooling from the city of Bangkok!

Bangkok Whiskey
Must Have Beverages When in Bangkok

Thai Tea
There’s nothing more characteristic and enjoyable than a sweet cup of Thai tea. Found in several flavours from cinnamon to tamarind, simply add either coconut milk or condensed milk and you are good to go!

Thai Red Bull
Have you ever heard of Thai Red Bull? Some may even call it the “original” Red Bull with the Western version being inspired with this energizing concoction. You will surely also notice that this drink is commonplace in many a Bangkok city hotel mini fridge.

Thai Beer
If you are looking to quench your thirst in this Bangkok city heat then there is no better relief than sipping on some delicious Thai beer, preferably atop a rooftop terrace like the on the 8th floor of the Pathumwan Princess Hotel with a full view of the city around you.

Thai Whiskey
To round up the tour of must-have drinks in Bangkok, sip on this favourite amongst fans of alcohol. The preferred whiskey brands, SongSam and Mekhong, and they are sure to leave you floored!