Wine tasting is a beautiful art as well as a wonderful hobby for many. The charm of relishing the exquisite flavours of shimmering red liquid is certainly one that should be tried out by all. Famed as one of Australia’s main wine producing regions Hunter Valley is a scenic landscape two hours away from Sydney. Hunter Valley is a dream come true for food and wine lovers and an amazing getaway to spend time in the countryside away from the bustling city life. Visitors staying in a strategically located Hunter Valley resort such as the Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort will have easy access to the boutique wineries.

Wine tasting begins with the taster getting a good look at the colour of the wine. By tilting the glass a little you will be able to compare the colour changes of the wine from the centre to the edges. It is a profession and a hobby which is as old as the production of wine. Since the beginning of the manufacturing of wine began, folks have taken pleasure in tasting wine both to ensure quality and standards as well as to discover a beautiful hobby. However, wine tasting is not to be left strictly to the professionals.

Even those who would like to indulge in the activity as a hobby can do so keeping their personal standards and preferences when it comes to tastes in mind. Wine tasting is essentially done to establish the complexity and character of the wine, the potential which simply means suitability for drinking or ageing as well as the possible faults. In order to rule out the possibilities of bias and prejudice, wine tasting is generally conducted as a blind test. The bottle, label or the manufacturer of the wine is unknown to the taster at the time of tasting.

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