Madives Cuisine
Best Cuisine in Maldives

Maldivian cuisine being the local cuisine of the Maldivian islands is often exploded with delightful flavours and a range of spices.


Maldivian food is mainly composed of three staple components; coconut, starches and fish. It is quite significant that some of these traditional flavours have derived from Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines.


Most Maldivian restaurants offer good quality international cuisine but tasting Maldivian traditional dishes would be one of the key and undeniable pleasures in visiting Maldives. Here are some mouthwatering Maldivian dishes worth mentioning on food and travel blogs such as The Maldives Travels.




Mashuni, Favourite breakfast addon in Maldives
╚ DD╔ from Male, Maldives, Mashuni (382668832), CC BY-SA 2.0


This is traditional Maldivian breakfast dish and is basically smoked tuna with mixed with scrapped coconut.


Boshi mashuni


Translated as banana flower salad, is a crunchy salad. This is made of shredded banana flowers, fresh coconut and spices. The dish is completed with turmeric, lime, chilies and onions to bring that hot Maldivian flavour. This is an equally delicious and healthy dish.


Dhon Riha


Dhon Riha is a hot fish curry prepared exclusively in Maldives. Simply translated this means fair curry due to its pale complexion.


This is a curry prepared with tuna chopped into sizable pieces, fennel seeds, garlic, freshly grated coconut and finely grated ginger.


Bis Keemiya


This is an exotic samosa which will blow your mind. The filling is made of gently cooked and finely shredded cabbage, sliced up onions and hard boiled eggs.


The flaky pastry is fried till it gained a golden finish and is incredibly chewy and crunchy at the same time.




Garudhiya or fragrant fish soup is a traditional hot soup. Tuna cut up in cubes are the main ingredient to this dish.


The fish is cooked up with water, curry leaves, chilies, onions, garlic and ginger. It is later seasoned with fried onions and lime. This is a unique flavour that is worth catching.

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