China’s massive capital, Beijing sure does have plenty of interesting things to offer. There’s the massive Forbidden City with its 800 buildings that never fails to impress tourists with its sheer magnificence.


Then there’s the fact that Beijing with its many parking lots, is considered to be the bicycle capital of the world. And let’s not forget the great wall, that’s the longest wall in the world. Yes, quite a lot of interesting things indeed.


However, if you head over to the Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing you’ll be seeing quite an interesting collection of……food! Delicious? Well, read this and you can decide for yourself.


Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing
Typical Donghuamen Night Market foods. | Brian Jeffery Beggerly(CC BY 2.0)


For street food in Beijing, the Donghuamen Night Market, or the Beijing Night Market as it is also called; is always the best. A shop guide the likes of Shopping in Focus will tell you that this is the place where you will find the most unusual of Beijing or Chinese cuisine. Why? Well, do fried scorpions sound like your usual snack?


Yes, you heard it right. At Donghuamen Night Market you can find scores of scorpions, both adult and baby varieties, skewered and with a little bit of chilli powder to give more of a kick. According to the vendors, frying the scorpions gets rid of the poison.


Scorpians Dong Hua Men Night Market, Beijing
Scorpions on sticks | Photo by William , Flickr, (CC BY-ND 2.0)


They also believe that the tail is the most nutritious part of the ‘snack’ which is said to have medicinal properties as a pain killer as well as promoting circulation. Those who have tried this delicacy say that it tastes like “greasy popcorn” with a “buttery aftertaste”.


If you thought that was the weirdest thing sold at the Donghuamen Night Market, wait till you hear about these next ones. Silkworm Cocoons – crispy on the outside and oh so spongy on the inside, these sort of taste like shrimp.


Then there are centipedes, yes CENTIPEDES!!!! that are also fried but seasoned with salt and pepper. The hardest part of eating these would be picking out those many legs out of your teeth! Brrrrrr!


Denise Chan from Hong Kong, China, Centipedes as street food, CC BY-SA 2.0


Other weird snacks to try out at the Donghuamen Night Market include locusts , loaded with protein and said to taste like “fried chicken”.

And finally, sea horses.


Sea Horses on Stick , Beijing China
© CEphoto, Uwe Aranas , Beijing China Barbecue-sticks-at-Donghuamen-Night-Market-01, CC BY-SA 3.0


These are the most expensive to buy at the market and are said to have medicinal qualities that are good for your kidneys.


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