A not to be missed experience in Oman would be dining in Salalah where you can try a diverse array of dishes that are flavour-filled delights worth introducing your taste buds to!

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While this dish is a traditional culinary creation from Yemen, it’s become popular in Arabian nations and is enjoyed in Salalah. The meat (like chicken, camel, goat or lamb) used for it is slow cooked in an underground pit or tandoor with fragrant rice and spices that help create a sublime combination of flavours to savour.


Also known as kabsa, majboos is originally a Saudi Arabian dish that’s loved by foodies across the Middle East. It features spiced rice mixed with a choice of meat (chicken being a popular choice) cooked in spices as well as vegetables. If you’re looking to try such local and regional dishes in Oman, restaurants here at properties like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara are worth checking out.

Dhofari Kak & Karak

A traditional dish enjoyed here is Dhofari kak, a type of bread with a sweetish flavour and crisp texture that’s widely made in bakeries around Salalah; look to try it when it’s freshly baked. Locals will generally enjoy this bread with Dhofari karak, a sweet chai made with black tea and milk with additions of ground cardamom and even some wild thyme.


Amongst the most popular desserts in Oman, halwa is enjoyed in Salalah too. This sweet treat has a thick consistency and is made with ingredients like sugar, eggs, honey, nuts, various spices and rose water with the result being seriously delicious! It’s often served with dates as well as Omani coffee, known as kahwa.