Pamper your taste buds with Thailand’s culinary preparations that have been crafted with unique ingredients, spices and methods.  Its authenticity and flavours have made Thai food climb all the way to the top to become one of the favourite cuisines in the world.  

The Incomparable Taste

While Thai food is now available in almost all the countries in the world, the authentic flavours of your favourite dishes can be truly savoured at most restaurants in Chiang Rai, Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Lampang etc. The sweet, spicy and sour combination of Thai food makes it stand out from any dish that you have tasted before. The use of fresh herbs and spices like lemongrass, chilli, lime and mint are also a great addition and a source of intensified taste. Therefore, be sure to order a good old plate of Pad Thai during your stay at Anantara Golden Triangle to decide for yourself. 

Quick Preparation

Preparing a delicious Thai meal is perhaps much quicker than ordering takeout. Most Thai dishes can be prepared with the use of Thai sauces, spices and other ingredients which are specifically used in their food. While the preparation time is short and the methods simple, the taste will be intense and exotic and your taste buds will be longing for more. 

Value for Money

Large, yummy portions for affordable prices are what we seek, and Thai food comfortably qualifies under all of the above categories. One of the primary reasons for many countries to introduce authentic Thai cuisine is the price element. Similarly, the affordability of Thai ingredients allows one to prepare a simple Pad Thai or Thai Green Curry at home on a budget. 

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Picture Worthy Cuisine and Healthy for Consumption

Taste is not the only element worth admiring in Thai food. The presentation, radiant colours and sizzling nature equally combine for the perfect Instagrammable capture. Further, Thai food often serves a mix of vegetables, herbs, and spices that carry anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, dive into that delectable dish of Thai food, guilt-free.