Apart from sightseeing, dining in Kyoto is not to be missed and here are some of the best local dishes you should look to savour on your visit.

Saba Sushi

Saba Sushi
Saba Sushi| Img via Wikimedia Commons

Not all sushi in Japan tastes the same and various regions have different variations. One version is saba sushi which can be tried at restaurants like Izuju, easy to reach from a hotel near Karasuma Oike Station. This pressed sushi dish features mackerel that has been marinated in vinegar and pressed into rice for a distinct flavour.

Nishin Soba

Another must-try dish, nishin soba can be found at places like the popular Nishiki Market, a short drive from Park Hotel Kyoto. Amongst the main elements for this culinary creation is herring which is served over buckwheat soba noodles and in a tsuyu broth; it’s generally eaten hot, though on warm days can be enjoyed cold.


Rather than one dish, obanzai is the name given for a collection of small dishes that are mostly made from fresh and in-season local vegetables. This traditional home-style of cooking can be enjoyed at obanzai restaurants in Kyoto that offer these dishes which generally feature root vegetables, stews, miso soup and tofu.

Matcha Treats

Green tea is immensely popular in Kyoto and is grown locally at places like Uji; thus, it comes as no surprise that green tea-based matcha desserts are available too. There are plenty of options to choose from and delectable treats include matcha sweets, cake, shaved ice, ice cream and even parfaits and lattes!