If you’re feeling a little too lazy to brew a new cup of coffee and would rather reheat your old jug, there are ways to do so without spoiling your coffee! Here are the steps to follow.

Image credit-Unsplash,Clay Banks,CC0

The science

It’s always good to know the science behind your daily activities. When it comes to heat, it tends to change the composition of the coffee beans during the roasting and brewing, in turn having an effect on the bitterness of the coffee. Therefore, when coffee is exposed to too much heat, it tends to extract compounds such as chlorogenic acids. These are the acids that cause coffee to taste bitter.

Reheating coffee

The same science when roasting and brewing also applies when you reheat coffee! In fact, when you reheat coffee, the acids, compounds, and oils are exposed to another form of brewing. Simply, the more you heat, the more of the good stuff goes away! It’s always better to brew a new batch of coffee from your coffee bean order online, from the likes of Damn Fine Coffee.

The art of reheating properly

In order to reheat your cup of coffee without ruining its taste, you need to use a very low temperature. When you use a lower temperature to reheat the coffee, negative chemical reactions don’t occur.

What not to do

When reheating coffee, avoid reheating dairy, as it is not wise to reheat this beverage. Avoid microwaving your drink at full power, which may lead to burning.