You will certainly get carried away with the strikingly diverse range of street food available on each side of the street in Yangon. From refreshing Thai soups to spicy Indian curries and fusion snacks, you will find everything your heart desires in here.

Mohinga | img by Gary Stevens via flickr

Mont Link Ma Yar

Made with rice flour batter and topped with quail eggs, chickpeas, or scallions, this is a snack made by adding two halves of dollops together, like a husband and wife. The quail egg ones are the most popular ones, perfect for breakfast food. You can find most of this food in all Yangon restaurants and the restaurants of Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon.

Samosa Salad

A must-try when you’re in Yangon, the samosa salad has everything you love about a spicy snack. Stripped samosas are mixed with fried shallots and chickpeas, cabbage, and slices of potatoes. A ladle of broth is added to this mixture too, giving a soup-like consistency.

Grilled Skewers

Grilled fish, potatoes, corn, and meat are put together in skewers and dipped in various sauces making the perfect snack. Paired with a refreshing beer, you will instantly feel like you’re in foodie heaven.


This heart-warming fish broth is the perfect comfort food made with glass noodles and fish, flavoured with salt, pepper, turmeric, and lemongrass. The fish combined with chickpea flour adds a thick texture to the stew. Ideal for breakfast, or whenever you crave it!