Dine on scrumptious food and taste delicate wine as you watch the green space below from a treetop. Create memories and feel close to nature, together.

Treetop dining – Where in Sri Lanka

If you find the idea of tree-top fine dining alluring, try a Habarana hotel. A number of hotels in this locality including Cinnamon Lodge Habarana offers tree-top dining experiences. And Habarana with its beautiful lake and the surrounding greenery is the ideal place for such an experience.

Treetop dining
Image Credit: Cinnamon Lodge Habarana

What can you expect?

Well, it depends on what you choose. Most hotels offer a late evening to night dining on their tree-top houses. You can enjoy dim lighting with just enough lanterns to help you enjoy the surrounding vistas. Most people opt for BBQ dinners, but you can ask the hotel to organize your own special dinner menu if you book in advance.

Why book in advance

Tree-top dining sounds simple and fun, but a lot of work goes into setting up the perfect, smooth-flowing experience. Make sure that you give ample time for hotel staff to present you with the ideal mix of elements of tree-top dining.

Go slow and enjoy the serenity

Ease into the gentle pace of life near the Habarana Lake and take your time to enjoy each bite and sip. Most importantly, enjoy each other’s company. Don’t worry, your hotel staff will honour your privacy and serve food at a pace you chose.