While Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam among others use chopsticks to eat their food, Thailand and Thai cuisine use a fork and spoon. But unlike in a Western situation, no knives are used at the dinner table in Thailand.

No Knives

Knives aren’t necessary for Thai cuisine as every dish is served chopped into bite-sized pieces that can be manoeuvred into the mouth with a fork and a spoon. Knives are considered to be weapons and have no place on the dinner table.

Using Hands

In the past, Thais would use their hands to eat. You will still find that in some of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit, no one would look down on you for using your hands to eat some parts of a dish.

No to Chopsticks, Yes to Spoons

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Though the Thais adamantly refused to adopt chopsticks despite the rest of their neighbours picking it up from missionaries, it was Rama IV who having seen the French use a fork and spoon decided that they should adopt it too.

A Ploy

The fact remains that Thailand was proud of being one of the only countries in the region that resisted colonisation. So, it could be that they did reject chopsticks as part of this strong belief and adopted the spoon and fork as a diversion at the time to show the world they were civilised. Something to remember the next time you eat at a restaurant or a hotel the likes of Maitria Hotels &Residences.