Sri Lankan cuisine has all the character in terms of colour, flavour and aesthetics. The best part is that not only is it available for all kinds of palates, but it is also absolutely delicious. Here are the top 5 dishes you should try when you visit.

1. Rice & Curry

Rice| Img via needpix

You will find rice and curry in many a restaurant in Colombo. Whether you are at a five-star hotel or a small corner shop, there will be rice and curry and it will be delicious. You must try it at least once, in both places.

2. Hoppers

Hoppers are a wholesome and filling breakfast that is light on the stomach. It has crispy edges and a pancake-like centre. You can get it with eggs in the middle and a tangy chilli and onion sambol as a dip.

3. Kottu

Kottu is something that has made a name for itself as uniquely Sri Lankan. You can get gourmet kottu in a fancy restaurant like Rare Bar + Kitchen Colombo, or you can pick it up in street food stands around Colombo that beat the iconic music as they make the dish.

4. String Hoppers

Despite the similar names string hoppers are nothing like hoppers. They’re made like very thin flour noodles and can be had as breakfast with a host of curries.

5. Vegetable Roti

The vegetable roti with a thick filling of potato and meat wrapped in a triangle is considered a pastry dish.