Dive into a wide range of Maldivian flavours as you feast on the country’s authentic delicacies during a much-needed vacation. Here’s a guide to help you choose some of the beloved and most popular cuisines among the people of this island nation.

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Moredeeevian lunch #rice #garudhiya #kattala #ala #rihaakuru #asaara #fiyaa #lumbo #mirus #lonumirus #maalhoskeyo #maskurolhi | Image by Mohamed Aksham via flickr


While choosing the best Maldives all inclusive resorts for your next holiday, be sure to reserve a room at a hotel like OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi that offers exceptional dining experiences. Among the Maldivian favourites available in most hotels will be Garudhiya, a fish soup served best with rice, Maldivian chapati, lime onions and chillies, garnished with grated coconut.


Mashuni is the ideal substitute for your usual breakfast meal. Considered to be a light meal for the day, Mashuni can be savoured as a nutritious dining option that has been prepared using tuna as a base ingredient, as fish seems to be of great significance in Maldivian cuisine. Other ingredients used for Mashuni include pepper, minced chillies, onion and coconuts.

Boshi Bashuni

A bite of Boshi Bashuni is sure to combine the perfect crunch with a juicy filling. This Maldivian delicacy is a salad and therefore is a healthy option for a meal during the holiday season. If you fear gaining holiday weight, this may well be one of your main meals every day. Boshi Bashuni is ideally prepared using banana flowers, curry leaves, cumin, coconut, Maldivian chillies and spices.

Bis Keemiya

Do you love the Chinese spring roll? Are you a fan of Indian samosa? Then here’s a twist to these globally loved savouries, in Maldivian style. Bis Keemiya is a fried snack which will be filled with a scrumptious mixture of Maldivian specialities. Bis Keemiya is ideally stuffed with a vegetable filling; however, if you prefer a further twist to the traditional snack, you may request more eggs in the filling.