A food hunt during your tour in the Maldives is all worth it for a good number of reasons. Although the general conception is that the food in the Maldives has a lot to do with tuna, there are some exceptions as well.


Garudhiya is the traditional dish of the country and of course, is one of the simplest dishes you’ll ever get to try. This is a fragrant fish soup, loved and demanded even by the tourists staying at resorts the likes of Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives.

Mas Huni

Almost all the all-inclusive hotels in Maldives offer free breakfast to their guests who are staying with them, and Mas Huni is a dish that they never forget to include in their breakfast menu. This shredded smoked Tuna dish is generally eaten with Roshi.

Mas huni
Xavier Romero-Frias, Mas huni-roshi087, CC BY-SA 3.0


If you have ever tasted Chapathi from an Indian restaurant, Masroshi is nothing different from them. This chapati is often stuffed with smoked tuna and coconut.

Bis Keemiya

Samosa and spring roll fans will surely fall in love with Bis Keemiya as there are some similarities among these dishes. You may indulge in it as a snack, but it’s surely filling and can be consumed as a meal as well!