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Surrounded by the glorious ocean and filled with majestic colonial structures, and happy people, Galle is a place for the wanderer at heart. Exotic seafood with scrumptious flavours are a hit in Galle. Restaurants often serve freshly caught fish to add into this experience.

A food tour is the best way to explore culinary culture of Galle and Juliet Coombe is the proud organizer of the Galle food tour.

Getting there
The food tour carried out for small groups of ten or less and the tour has to be booked beforehand. Contact Coombe and get the date, time and place scheduled.

What does it include?
The tour includes a walking tour in Galle fort, an opportunity to participate in a cooking class, an interesting history lesson about the Galle fort, an opportunity to taste traditional Sri Lankan food and spice tea.

The cooking course
The cooking course aims to teach you how to prepare some Sri Lankan traditional dishes such as ‘pol sambol’, fish curry and prawn curry. These are locale favorites and are undoubtedly served in most restaurants in the area including Oak Ray Anchorage. You are allowed to sample the food throughput the class, although these are extremely spicy dishes so don’t be too greedy.

Other highlights

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You will cruise around the Galle fort, drink a freshly plucked ‘thambili’, sip some delicious spice tea at the storyteller’s spot as you learn about its medical uses, meet the local fisherman, the street vendors and bite on a ‘pol rotti’.

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